Monday, May 24, 2010

I LOVE Breakfast!

I love breakfast. When I go to sleep, I don't go to bed with thoughts of George Clooney dancing around... I am thinking of what I am going to have for breakfast the next day. Though sometimes I would love to indulge in a greasy cheese omelet with sausage, bacon and the works, I have found a delicious, yummy breakfast that is much healthier and more satisfying.

I have a nice sized bowl of low fat granola, with thick 0% Greek Yogurt, berries and FitFlax. FitFlax is a low carb and low calorie roasted flax and chia blend that is absolutely delicious. It has a nutty crunchy taste and it is loaded with Omega 3's and antioxidants. I call this my power breakfast as I had it everyday when I worked very hard to lose the 80 pounds (ouch!) I had gained when pregnant with my girls. This breakfast is filling, delicious and the FitFlax also helps make your nails, skin and hair look fabulous.

I have this breakfast about 3 mornings a week now and find it keeps my full and energized till lunch!

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